Hello There!

Rachel specializes in visual and communications design, and is passionate about applying user-centered design to improve human experiences and environments. Armed with the foundational belief that good design has the power to ignite positive social change, she uses strategy and design thinking to make complex systems clear and visually compelling.

On any given day, Rachel can be found designing brand identities, systems maps or data visualizations. Her passion for exploration lends itself to a constant curiosity and hunger for new and innovative ideas. These brainstorms are often manifested through a tornado of post-it notes and quick sketches of new frameworks. The best of these ideas are followed up with ethnographic research, rapid prototyping and iteration. A love of collaboration and learning from others keeps her inspired and motivated to continue testing new possibilities and impactful solutions in the final form of visual designs, experiences, programs and services.

Based in Brooklyn, Rachel recently graduated from the MFA Design for Social Innovation program at the School of Visual Arts. She is currently seeking opportunities to exercise her experience in designing at the intersection of traditional graphic design and social impact.