Come Together Birmingham

The Challenge | 

How might we create shared experiences and open dialogue for diverse Birmingham residents in order to achieve healing and reconciliation from segregation and Jim Crow?

The Outcome | 

Come Together Birmingham:
Co-Creation Workshops:
 These two interactive workshops invited diverse Birmingham community members to participate in open dialogue and explore conceptual ideas to help improve race relations. Together we discussed what barriers currently exist that are keeping Birmingham residents of different races from living and socializing together. We examined the contexts of these barriers and possible solutions to overcome them. In the second half of the workshops, I asked participants to ideate innovative community projects harnessing the solutions they had put forth. Their final ideas can be seen here, on Come Together Birmingham’s website. These workshops were held in partnership with AIGA BirminghamDesert Island Supply Company and Bib & Tucker Sew­Op.

Red Mountain Collective: Using the insights gained from the community workshops, the need for a sustainable program to help facilitate the creation and implementation of social interventions became clear. This need led to Red Mountain Collective, a social justice art and design residency. Its vision is to establish Birmingham, Alabama as a hub for diversity and creativity in the South. A proposal was written and submitted for funding.